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Summer is arriving, wild orchid

winter landscape


summer landscape

spring, toothwort

 Charolais kows during a hot August month


The Creuse is the most northern part of the Limousin region (which makes part of the bigger Nouvelle Aquitaine region nowadays). Located in the heart of France and yet so unknown, even by the French themselves. Maybe it will still ring a bell when you hear about the world famous Aubusson tapestries, or the tasty meat of the Limousin and Charolais cattle or even the bricklayers from the Creuse who built Paris. But, mostly people will rush through it on their way to more southern and touristy places.

It is one of the least populated departments in France. As a consequence there are no big cities, no big industrial areas, fun factories or amusement parks, no motorways and no TGV. Indeed, the Creuse seems to have been saved from all the transformations and attacks of the modern world (although the English can fly to Limoges nowadays). 

Here, we still live in the real country. Is that exactly what you are looking for? Then the Creuse is the place to be. A place for devotees of nature, quietness and space. Everything  contributes to offer you another quality of life during your stay. The well-preserved hilly landscape, cut through by rivers, brooks and cattle paths. With old oak, fruit and chestnut trees, wooded banks, bushes, wells, lakes and ponds. And, in between, the green pastures decorated with the brown and white of Limousin and Charolais herds. And, last but not least, the friendly Creusois people and us to welcome you.

They knew where they were going to when they settled in the Creuse at the time, the famous painters, writers and composers, like Monet, George Sand and Chopin. And the Creuse has not changed much since then.  

The Creuse is more than only a summer destination. Each season has its own charm. Spring with the awaking nature and fruit trees blossoming. Summer with the many green colours everywhere and pleasant weather. Fall with aflaming autumn colours and even winter with views still more panoramic.

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the Moisse castle

 harvest of hay

 grand copper

the old church of Nouziers

autumn landscape

draft horses

old barn

14th July in Moutier-Malcard

the Petite Creuse near Freiteix

The Creuse river with the ruins of Crozant

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