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That the Creuse remains rural is reflected by the many events that are organised all year round. No tourist traps, by the way, but organised especially for the Creusois themselves. There are jumble and antique markets (‘brocantes’), annual fairs and livestock markets (‘foires et marchés’), fun fairs, traditional festivals and banquets (‘festivals et fêtes’), exhibitions and guided tours. The number is infinite, but here are some examples of events which take place in our neighbourhood.

at Aigurande and Chéniers – every 3rd Sunday in August
at Guéret – every 3rd Sunday of the month, and
of course in our own Moutier in September.

Foires et marchés :
Donkey and horse market on Ascension Day at Le Magny
Wine market in June at Crevant
Country fair in August at Ste. Sévère
Big livestock market in September at Bonnat
Autumn market at Lourdoueix-St. Pierre

Festivals et fêtes : (August)
Crayfish festival at Aigurande
International potato fair at Crevant
Tomato fair at St. Denis de Jouhet
Hunting and dog show at Château d'Ars at La Châtre

Every year there are also a number of special events in which the Solex comes into its own. In France and Holland we all know what a Solex is. But some English speakers may not. The full name is a Vélo Solex, "a famous French motor-assisted bicycle. Since production ceased some years ago, it has acquired a certain 'veteran' aura, rather like the Deux Chevaux car made by Citroën." In France even a Solex race really does exist. Two of them take place nearby. Every Whit Weekend the 24 hours of Nouzier and every first or second weekend of July, the 6 hours of Moutier-Malcard. They are quite a show! For more information, visit http://perso.wanadoo.fr/jc.bou/solex.

George Sand and her friends
The friendship of this grand lady with equally famous painters and composers is reason enough  to organise numerous events every year. In June there are the international music festivals at Nohant (her place of residence) and in July at St.-Chartier (Chopin).

Are you looking for more? We keep the timetable for both the Creuse and the Indre at your disposal.

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