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Ron is painting the shutters

a walk with the three of us

the woman with two faces


mother and daughter bunny

Ron loves to do odd jobs, inside and outside. The final result of the reconstruction of our house is thus mostly to his credit. He has become a real handyman and gardener. It is still keeping him busy, but after having completed the heavy work, he has returned to his favourite sports again, cycling, mountain biking, tennis and golf. The Creuse was chosen with this in mind as well.

 We are both globe-trotters and you will find many traces in our home, although the need for travel has diminished these days.

Corrie’s favourite hobby is dogs. This all started when she was 4 years old and became friends with the daughter of a veterinary surgeon with a home full of dogs.

Unfortunately she was not good enough in science, so she never became a vet herself. When we bought the former vet’s house in France, she had done full circle.

Corrie not only likes to walk with her dog(s) in France, but also to discover and meet people of other cultures. The last couple of years she travels regularly to Morocco for her own small aid project.
By organising trekking holidays, she helps the poor people over there to earn their living (
www.aziamtrek.com). The gratitude and the warmth she gets in return from her Moroccan friends, the hospitality of the people and the enthusiastic reactions of her fellow travellers, make all the time and effort more than worthwhile.

Our family has quite extended since we came here. After the dead of our former dog Kanjer, we got Tessa from the rescue center. A very gentle dog that, in spite of her high age, is still a real athlete and likes walking as well.
Since 2013 she got company of our litte cat Poesette, that picked us up (!) during a walk.

mother gaot and babies

baby bunnies

son Koos

the boss

daughter Betje

      Our former dog Kanjer (the name means ‘super dog’) spent the last two, probably the happiest years of her live in Moutier-Malcard. After her Tessa came, she has become 15,5 years Then Nina arrived. We took her – just like Kanjer and Tessa - from the rescue centre.

our super dog in the middleTessa


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